How a Physician Keeps Her Home Healthy

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December 18, 2017

Dr. Shilpi Agarwal is a board-certified Family Medicine and Integrative and Holistic Medicine physician--but at home she’s a dedicated mom with a hands-on approach to her children’s health.

Shilpi’s youngest son struggles with high levels of congestion and seasonal allergies, which affect his ability to get a full night’s rest. Shilpi wanted to have a complete understanding of what was causing her one-year-old’s congestion, but finding the source of her child’s discomfort could easily become a frustrating loop of guesswork.

That was when she came across Awair.

Awair tracks toxins and chemicals in your air and gives you personalized recommendations to help you stay safe and healthy. Shilpi’s experience as a physician had taught her about the potentially harmful effects of unhealthy air, and she was suspicious that the air in her home could be affecting her son’s health.

After just a few days with Awair, Shilpi was already becoming confident in making changes to her home to help improve her son’s congestion. She first noticed the importance of keeping an eye on the levels of chemicals in her air--having recently moved into a new home, she realized certain carpets and rugs can easily introduce new chemicals into her air, and made a point of avoiding them to protect her family.

Awair’s biggest impact, however, has been in her youngest son’s nursery. Shilpi recalls one night when her Awair alerted her of very poor air quality in the nursery, while her son was coughing throughout the night. She quickly made a few changes and added an air purifier to the room, and was relieved to watch the air quality improve in front of her eyes: “it was amazing watching the [Awair Score] improve and feeling good about putting him back in the nursery.”

Shilpi is now dedicated to keeping the air in her son’s room safe, and focuses specifically on keeping her dust, humidity, and chemicals at healthy levels: "These are things that can be easily overlooked but make such a big difference. Especially in the small airways of these developing kids, irritants in the air can really cause severe coughing fits and poor sleep.”

And with the help of the Awair app, Shilpi can keep track of the air in her son’s room without disturbing his sleep--which makes every parent’s life easier.

“Awair has taught me to look at a bunch of different parameters to make sure the air is clean and the changes are simple enough that it makes no sense not to do it!”

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