Air quality monitoring that fits your lifestyle

Maintain a healthy home with sleek and modern cutting-edge technology

Air quality monitoring that
fits your lifestyle

Maintain a healthy home with sleek and modern cutting-edge technology
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Life with Awair
Worried your cleaning supplies are emitting too many chemicals? Element will let you know if your VOCs are high so you can turn on an air filter or open windows.
Does your concentration get worse when working in your home office? Element can change this by monitoring CO2 and letting you know when to open a window or take a break.
Cooking can increase PM2.5. Get notified the moment your air changes quality so you can make changes to improve it. Select desired air factors to further customize your notifications with Element.

Why buy Awair Element?

Element tracks 5 key environmental factors that affect your health.
Sensor Specs
Cold temperatures can suppress the immune system and aid the spread of viruses.
Set a notification, so you can adjust your thermostat, or add a trigger for this to happen automatically.
Too much or too little moisture leads to cold, flu symptoms, and risk for toxic mold.
You can set alerts so that you know when to turn on a dehumidifier to keep your space safe.
Indoor exposure to carbon dioxide can impair performance and decision-making.
When you notice CO2 is high, you may want to reduce occupants in a  room or open a window
Toxic chemicals can be found in everyday materials. They can cause skin and respiratory irritation.
If TVOCs spike, you can improve ventilation or open a window to improve your IAQ.
Particulate Matter (PM2.5) can travel into our lungs and trigger health problems like asthma and allergies.
Using an air filter and ensuring HVAC air filters are clean can help mitigate for exposure.
The most accurate
airflow design on the market
Awair’s signature design of a fan and laser sensor has been tested and modified since Awair’s founding in 2013 to make it the leader in IAQ technology.
Read your sensor data directly
on the device
Awair Element shows your air data in real time.
Awair Home App
Access your air data from anywhere with the free Awair app
Realtime Monitoring
At a glance, you can see your Awair air quality score on your app or on your device.
Compare with outdoor
The Awair map gives you a quick glance at the neighborhood indoor averages and outdoor air. Spot differences that can help you understand whether your air is influenced by the outside air or something going on inside.
Breathe Easy
Track changes over time and see how your actions impact the health of your space.
Personalized Tips and Insight
Awair gives you personalized recommendations to improve your indoor air quality as well as data insights to track your progress.
Use Awair’s integrations to help you maintain a healthy indoor environment
Awair supports integrations with IFTTT, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
Know your air, everywhere
Awair Element can help maintain healthy air for homes, schools, and businesses. Find out what solution is right for you.

Element at Office

CO₂ can make you drowsy. Increase your productivity and overall well-being with better air quality, in your home and home office

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Element at School

Outdated HVAC systems may not ventilate PM2.5, or CO₂ enough. Make sure your children get the best air they can for their cognitive development.

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Element for Business

Reassure employees or customers. Whether for offices, retail, or co-working spaces - no matter what business you’re in, keep people safer.

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Become Awair

With Awair, it’s easy to understand and manage indoor air quality (IAQ). You just need to learn about the air quality factors and what they mean.  If you are curious about your IAQ, we'll show you how inexpensive it is to improve it.
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