May's Awair Ambassador Spotlight

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April 30, 2017

We're fortunate to have a community of inspirational thought-leaders that understand the importance of keeping their indoor air safe and healthy.

Every month, we like to take the opportunity to introduce and celebrate a few of our Awair Ambassadors, and share their journeys toward understanding what's in the air they breathe.

Reichel Broussard

Reichel brings over 10 years of interior design creativity to her blog, Copy Cat Chic. As a trend expert, she focuses on affordable solutions for luxe living, and was just named one of Forbes' Top 10 Home Influencers for 2017.


"I work from home and my Awair is there, to make sure my work environment is a healthy one. It makes sure that the house isn’t too cold or stuffy, or dirty. I love how it communicates with my Nest to keep the air clean and circulating. It takes care of that--so I don’t have to."

Erin Hagstrom

Erin is both the creator of and a decor writer at Apartment Therapy. She's currently bringing her unique style to life as she renovates a 1920s-era home.


"Living in an old home and going through renovations with two very young children around gives me a lot of anxiety about their safety and well-being. Using Awair has really helped to ease my concerns because I'm able to monitor the air quality in real-time and take the necessary steps to make sure my home is a safe environment for my family. "

Christine Reabe

Christine is an Elementary Teacher and Lifestyle Blogger from Huntington Beach, California. Christine draws inspiration from her own health experiences to provide tips to living a toxin-free lifestyle.


"In early 2015 I found myself admitted to the hospital for a diagnosis of Endometriosis, a reproductive condition with no known cause or cure that causes immense pain. I started researching how I could ease the symptoms in natural ways, and I was shocked at just how much the preservatives added to foods, beauty products and the quality of our air could affect so many aspects of our lives and the way we feel. I have now committed myself to a life of clean eating and spreading the word on just how important it is to eliminate as many toxins as we can from our lives."

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